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Flying Fun Acro Yoga Course

*FireFlight Yoga- Fremantle 5:45-7:15pm                                       Monday 18th,25th Sept 2,9,16th Oct


*Acro Away- All Weekened                                                       Mandurah- 29,30th Sept 1st Oct

*Dance- Acro-Yoga-Movement retreat- Peru                                     4th Nov-9th Dec(shorter option available)

Space Hire is available for events and workshops. Please contact for details.

Prices- Bookings Essential

Granny Yoga 1hr- $20

Belly Dancing returning Sept

Feldenkrais 8wks-$200 Drop in $30 (discounts do not apply to Feldenkrais)

Acro Yoga Courses- 5weeks

Paid on day- $125

Private sessions- $80 per hour

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Please bring water, an open mind and your smile. Mats are provided.

No partner or experience necessary. Wear comfortable non restrictive clothing.

For Acroyoga and AYFit non- baggy clothing is recommended.

Bank Details:

Victoria McLarty


Acc- 629348


Where acrobatics, partnerships and the healing arts meet. In this practice you will discover and create new levels of connections and trust while increasing your well being and love for life. Acroyoga will make you smile. Acroyoga is divided into 3 elements. Solar- Acrobatic partner yoga where the high energy and fun of connecting with people evolves into the creation of amazing shapes, flowing movement and things you never thought possible. Motto: If you are having fun you are doing it right.

Lunar(Thai and Fly)- Therapeutic flying and Thai massage. The gift of giving and receiving the nurturing practice of passive stretching while being fully supported and stretched by someone else. Here deep relaxation and healing can be found. Motto: If it feels good you are doing it right. Do yourself a favour and book now!

Elemental- A combination of both lunar and solar leaving you feeling energised yet calm and balanced.

AYFit- The only place in WA where you can experience this new high intensity body-weight exercise that cultivates strength, agility, trust, communication and teamwork. Use your friends as weight and work together to achieve your results

Thai Massage- Thai massage is incorporated into the Lunar Acroyoga classes. This is an ancient practice and consists of techniques that use slow and rhythmic stretches and compression's along the energy lines. 

Granny Yoga (Stretch and Relax)- A relaxed, safe, welcoming space for people of all levels to come and move their bodies and get intouch with themselves.  An hour just for you!! We will work individually and sometimes in pairs through a series of gentle stretches, breath work and mind relaxation.

Belly Dance for Balance  - Taught by Sarah Fae. Dancing for Sarah is a beautiful avenue for consciously awakening to ourselves, connecting to others and bringing into balance the body mind and soul.  Sarah teaches a fusion style of bellydancing including stylistic influences from Oriental bellydance,American tribal fusion, Flamenco and contemporary dance. Elements of Yoga and dance meditation techniques are also incorporated to create a holistic approach to dancing, inviting you on a journey into greater body awareness and self discovery.


Moshe Feldenkrais, physicist, engineer and judo master, developed a method of movement exploration and improvement during the 1950s through the 1980’s known as The Feldenkrais Method. One of the central premises of the method is that people can change and all people can learn. Awareness of movement in one’s body is used as a means of realising potential for growth and learning. Another premises is that all movement is in relation to the environment. Improving movement capacities makes it possible, then, to relate more effectively to one’s environment, and interacting with that experience, one can continue to improve one’s functional abilities. Group classes, called Awareness Through Movement (ATM), are taught verbally and follow a theme that runs for the whole class. Specific movements pathways and directions are put forward by the teacher and the students are encouraged to go through a process of inquiry, and the acquiring of sensitivity, awareness, and ability to teach oneself to find the easiest and most profound pathway of movement. The intention of Feldenkrais is not to teach how to move. Rather, the interest is in creation of conditions in which learning is easy, spontaneous and safe.  The theme for this series is on Organic Learning and the lessons will be exploring the spine and pelvis relationships. Feldenkrais is suitable for all ages and abilities, as movement suggestions are an invitation and students work at their own pace. If you feel a lot of uncertainty in your movement, however, private sessions are more appropriate, at least initially.